So you might be wondering what exactly is the purpose of this site…

Well the truth is, I don’t quite know either. Whether you are reading this while the site only has a handful of posts, or maybe a few hundred, it might clear things up a little bit.

I don’t expect this blog to be of any real use to real photographers, but I feel the need to have an outlet for writing, posting pictures, creating stories, and just sharing tips that I have learned as a photographer for the past decade.

Anyway, as of writing this, I am 20 years old, currently attending Linfield College in McMinnville, OR. If you haven’t heard of it, you are with the majority. It’s a private liberal arts school with around 1700 students between this location and the Portland, OR campus. No, I am not a photography major. Actually, I’m not an arts major at all, but rather mathematics and applied physics double major. My photography is just an outlet that I need to get away from all the math and physics that usually occupy my day. This summer actually, I have been on campus doing physics research with one of my professors at his company.

Now, for what I hope to make of this site… I hope to write posts about tips, make photo stories, discuss photography news (when it pertains to me or if I have a strong enough opinion), and maybe even give some more detailed tutorials. Overall, I just hope to have a conversation about cameras and photography.

And of course, thank you to each and every one of you for “tuning in!”


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